Leeza Evensen, 2018 CREW Utah President

01 January 2018

Greetings, CREW Members!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready for the next year and all the exciting programs CREW Utah will be developing for you in 2018!

Let me first thank Karin Fife, the 2017 CREW Utah President, the Board of Directors of CREW Utah and all Committee members for their dedication and hard work in 2017. Our Chapter is only ten years old but it has already accomplished a lot. To name a few notable accomplishments, in 2017 we awarded educational scholarships to two incredible young women entering the commercial real estate industry; we successfully held a new fundraising event, “Women Run the City;” and our membership reached 120 members. I want to thank all of our sponsors that make our programs possible and contribute to our continued growth and vitality.

Let us continue our success by building on the momentum that CREW Utah reached in 2017. As President, I want to focus in 2018 on developing and expanding our network. As one wise person once said, “Your network is your net worth.” I encourage each of you to make new connections and build your own network within CREW. You can do this by attending and actively participating in our events, by referring business to CREW members, and by getting involved in one of our committees. One of the first networking steps is not to hesitate to introduce yourselves to other CREW members at our events.

To assist you with developing and expanding your network, CREW Utah will provide various networking opportunities in 2018. Of course, we will continue organizing high-quality events, luncheons and mixers, that will encourage networking. Among the new things in 2018, we are rolling out a Business-to-Business program that will encourage networking and will recognize those members who refer business within the CREW membership. I challenge each of you to participate in at least one transaction next year that will involve other CREW members. All of you who successfully complete this networking challenge will be recognized at our end-of-year party.

Another new program in 2018 that will provide you with additional networking opportunities is our mentorship program. The mentorship committee will pair our Utah-based emerging female talent, as mentees, with tenured, local, female professionals representing a range of disciplines within the real estate industry, as mentors. The program is intended to provide professional guidance, networking opportunities, skill development, and self-discovery.

Watch for more announcements regarding our new programs and make sure to attend our first event in 2018, on January 9th, where we are going to explain the new programs. I hope you all take advantage of the many networking opportunities next year.

Good luck and happy networking!

Leeza Evensen
2018 CREW Utah President
Real Estate Partner at
Snell and Wilmer L.L.P.