CREW B2B-Business to Business

02 October 2018

One of the greatest benefits in CREW is the networking, referral and transactional opportunities within the real estate industry. We have heard of several great referrals/transactions happening between CREW members and we want to know about them in our new Business to Business program! To encourage members to do business with each other, CREW Utah would like to reward you for business REFERRALS and TRANSACTIONS among our CREW members.


Criteria:  A CREW member simply refers business to another CREW member; it does not need to lead to a transaction.

Award:  $40 Amazon gift card, to be drawn at CREW lunches in September, October and November.

How to Submit: Simply fill out the B2B Referral form – see link below:

B2B Referral Form


Criteria:  Must be actual signed contracts, deals, listings, and/or engagements – business transactions. The transaction with the most CREW members will win. If there is a tie, then the total size of the transaction will be taken into consideration.

Award:  $1,000 award to the team, to be divided equally among the CREW members.  

How to Submit:  Simply fill out the B2B Transaction form – see link below:

B2B Transaction Form



For questions or more information, please contact Ronda Landa ( or 801-618-9380) or Janelle Hartvigsen ()