CREW B2B-Business to Business

01 January 2019

The B2B committee was established to align with one of the main missions of CREW Network: to engage with and create business opportunities with fellow members within CREW Utah.  Committee members serve with the Membership Committee and are responsible for one yearly mixer that promotes B2B and CREW Membership.  

Each CREW member is encouraged to be involved in actively networking with other CREW Utah members throughout the year, both at and outside of CREW events.  At the end of the year a transaction involving the most CREW members with the highest dollar amount for the transaction will receive an award to be shared equally between the transaction team.

In an effort to maximize each member’s opportunity and encourage collaboration between members, CREW Utah encourages these defined activities and offers the following incentives:

1-on-1 Meetings

Two or more CREW members meet with each other in an effort to learn more about the services/goods each offers and discover ways to interact and refer each other. Members could meet at an office, on the trail for a run, at a restaurant for breakfast/lunch/dessert/coffee/etc. No requirements about where you meet, it should just be a place conducive to getting to know more about each other and how to create member referrals. After meeting go online and fill out the “1-on-1” form.

Each form will be entered into an annual drawing to have CREW convention registration fees covered by CREW Utah. The more members you meet, the greater your chance to win! Drawing for this award will take place in early July and be awarded at the July luncheon.

B2B 1-on-1 Form


A CREW member refers specific business to another CREW member by sharing a completed B2B Referral Form. The form can be found Online by following the link below.

All completed forms will be entered into a drawing at each CREW luncheon during the year. A recipient will be chosen for a $50 Gift Card at each of the monthly Luncheons. Note, the Referral need NOT lead to a transaction to win. This is an incentive for referring. The more we refer, the greater chance of transacting business.

B2B Referral Form


A CREW member advances a referral to a signed contract, deal, listing and/or other appropriate engagement/business transaction. Money/goods/reasonable value must be exchanged.

To apply for this Award, fill out and submit the B2B Transaction Form online. Drawing for this award will take place in early December and be awarded at the CREW Holiday party.

The transaction which includes the most CREW members will win. If there is a tie, the total transaction size will be taken into consideration. The winning team will receive a $1,000 Award to be divided equally between participating CREW members.

B2B Transaction Form



For questions or more information, please contact Janelle Hartvigsen ()